In their own words (staff, May ’16):

Posted on: May 27th, 2016 by Mbenson


I don’t often give recommendations, but in your case…may I have your card?  – Fremont Foundry staff

Best. Band. EVER. – Roche Harbor staff

You put out the same energy of guys half your age – Alderbrook Resort staff.

Image by:  Lightworks 360  http://lightworks360.com/about/about

Can you be our MC?

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cory-parris-008 copy

Will you be our MC they ask? But of course! This is a natural part of my work. I deliver any/all announcements clearly and graciously throughout the night as needed, to keep the flow going at our events. It amazes me how many people wonder if they’ll need to hire someone else to make the necessary announcements for them – like a dj?  For that, seriously?  Mais oui! Cest si bon! We have you covered!

Image by Cory Parris – Seattle Wedding Photographer!


You nailed it!

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I wanted to pass on my gratefulness to you and your band for the fabulous night of music, fun, and upbeat atmosphere at The Space Needle…you nailed it!   You were very responsive to the crowd, and very responsive to me as a planner and I totally appreciate that!

Amy L. Vallejo

Anticipate Wedding & Event Planning


Where do I begin?

Posted on: February 18th, 2016 by Mbenson

MB hosting copy

Where do I even begin? It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! You were so kind and helpful with all the announcements, the guests absolutely loved you, and you did an amazing job with the dance. I can’t say thank you enough. I hope to work with you again in the future and best of luck as we head into the 2016 season! – Jocelyn, with The Invisible Hostess  http://www.theinvisiblehostess.com

Image by Jean-Marcus Strole Photography http://www.jean-marcus.com


Just a “je ne sais quoi…”

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Let me start by saying that we booked the Michael Benson Band before we had an even found a venue – our entire wedding was planned around their availability (worth it) and they book FAST – like, a year out, so get moving! It’s hard to describe exactly what the Michael Benson Band brings to your wedding. Along with being totally professional, there is just a je ne sais quoi about them – they know how to bring the party! They are worth every single penny that you will spend on them – their versatility and enthusiasm is enough to create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding experience. For those who worry about not having all the songs that a DJ would have at their disposal, their repertoire is absolutely phenomenal. If by chance there is a song you really want that they don’t play, you can request to have it played during the set breaks so you can be sure it will come on. For me, the music was a huge part of the wedding experience because I really just wanted everyone to dance and have a good time and with the MBB it was everything I could have hoped for. Our dance floor was packed from the first to last dance – people didn’t want it to end! There’s a reason they have been consistently voted the best wedding band in Seattle and I recommend them 1000% to everybody who can make it work for their budget.

Band vs dj

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A September 2015 groom confides on a band break, “I’m the one who originally wanted a dj, and I’ll NEVER live it down”. What better testament?

Image by Rick + Anna Photography

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One industry pro to another

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MBB-4 copy

Image by Greenlight Event Design – Brian Waltz, President

“Michael, it was a pleasure working with your team last weekend. Having seen a lot of other local bands and DJs over the past few years, it really resonated how much MBB connects with the guests and how versatile your brand of entertainment is. MBB stands out to me for many reasons. From being able to play a classy cocktail or dinner set, to being able to sustain the right mix of dance energy for 3+ hours is rare among other forms of entertainment. Being also able to guide the night along with subtle announcements among the sets really helps fill the void from an event missing a dedicated emcee.

I was amazed at the level of energy and passion you guys brought, and that you were able to sustain it until the last song. Your show is worth more than whatever you are charging, raise your rates! From one industry pro to another, I appreciate what you are doing and the quality of your show.”

Now that’s priority

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Michael_Benson_Band_Jean-Marcus_Strole_Photography-21.25.15 copy

Well, it happened again last night per usual  with The Jewel Hospitality staff.  Bartender Michael on his first impression of us says, “Best cover band I’ve ever heard!” Later on, one of the wait staff chimes in, “Awesome job – you’re my favorite wedding band EVER”, and then the kicker: The catering captain confides, “the groom told me at the rehearsal dinner last night that he booked your band BEFORE he proposed to his fiancé!” Now THAT ‘S getting your priorities straight.  The band before the bride!

Image by:  Jean-Marcus Strole Photography http://www.jean-marcus.

Benaroya Hall staff reports – PERFECTION

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MNWedding-6931 copy

Your transitions were seamless and perfect tonight.  Well done, and better than one could imagine for a live band. – Benaroya Hall Staff


Image by Arlene Chambers Photography


Standing out in Nashville

Posted on: November 1st, 2012 by Mbenson

Image by Chris Sollart

Living in Nashville, TN, it is easy to become jaded by great music.
There is no shortage of talented aspiring musicians and cover bands
that makes it tough for even the most talented to stand out. That
said, the MBBand would have no problem standing out
in Nashville. Playing great music is only half the equation to
entertaining. The other half is the ability to energize and engage
the audience. At the Seattle wedding I attended, they kept
the momentum up all night while playing an impressively
diverse set of songs ranging from typical classics to the newest
pop hits. They are a notch above Nashville cover bands.